New cold press technology

The Dutch company TOP b.v. developed a new cold press technology. “The Cold Press No. 1” fully complies with the latest European legislation for hygiene (EHEDG) and safety (CE). With cold pressing both nutrients and flavour of fresh fruit and vegetables juice remain best preserved. The use of the CP Minifiller, in combination with The Cold Press No.1 makes it very easy to produce and bottle Cold Pressed Juices.

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The Cold Press No.1

The Cold Press

The Cold Press No.1 squeezes more gently than other juicing methods. Fruit and vegetable juice is extracted without crushing the cells too much or creating undesirable heat. The Cold Press No.1 works with nature, not against it.

The Cold Press No.20

The Cold Press No.20 is the big brother of the Cold Press family. This makes it very suitable for medium sized industrial juice producers. The Cold Press No.20 empties the bags fully automatically and can be operated by a single operator.

The CP MiniFiller

Cold Press Minifiller

Cold pressed fruit and vegetable juices are tasty as well as healthy, and are changing the global juice market. These super fresh juices still contain enzymes and the original nutritional value as nature intended. The use of the CP MiniFiller, in combination with the Cold Press No.1 makes it very easy to produce and bottle cold pressed juices.

Fresh squeezed juice: a world of opportunities!

About us

TOP b.v. is responsible for the development of the Coldpresses. Partner Like Fresh b.v. is responsible for the manfacturing, supply, maintenance and service of the machines.

Like Fresh b.v.

Like Fresh b.v. is a supplier and producer for the food producing industry. Like Fresh b.v. provides clients with complete solutions, mainly in worldwide fresh-cut fruit and vegetable business.

TOP b.v.

TOP b.v. is an innovative service provider in the area of product development (food design), equipment and process development. The main specialism of TOP b.v. is development of new (processing) technologies and using these technologies to make new sustainable, tasty and healthy food products.


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